JEE Mains and Advanced Coaching by IITians


Active Learning Methodology

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Targeting Holistic Academic Excellence


Technology Enabled Delivery Model


Overview of jee programs

Being an Initiative by VVGI with most of faculties themselves cleared most difficult examination in the world at UG level; expectations from CareerPlus Programs have been high ever since inception in JEE Domain. Right from first batch of trained students, organization has been able to get All India Ranks.

Every year VVRS gets under 1000 ranks in JEE Advanced with 1 out of every Five students clearing JEE Advanced while 2 out of every 3 students clear Mains level. The high success rate of VVRS is mainly attributed to:

  • Faculty strength (IITians)
  • Customized planning for students through innovative tools
  • Emphasis on grey areas through doubt sessions and focused review sessions
  • Comprehensive resources that provide most optimal time utilization for students
  • Concept based teaching approach that ensures every students would get confidence in topics before starting off with numerical practice leading to thorough excellence
  • Mentorship (Buddy) system to enhance the personal rapport between faculties and students.

Intensive jee program(ijp)

Intensive JEE Program (IJP- XI-XII) is a comprehensive training program targeting excellence in both JEE and Curriculum based Examinations.

Intensive JEE Program is sure shot success mantra for JEE Mains/Advance with 9 hours of teaching sessions per week.

CareerPlus offers separate batches for CBSE/ State Boards category students under the following modules:

    • SANSKRITI Results Batch: Early morning 6 AM to 7:30 AM (Monday to Saturday)
    • Achievers Batch: Three days a week (Mostly alternative days) 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
    • SUYASH Batch: Saturday (5:30 PM to 8:30 PM) and Sunday (9:30 AM to 12:30 NOON and 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM)

Year 1

INITIATE Course covering the XI topics (Critical for JEE)Covering XI based JEE topics in line with CBSE / BSEB Curriculum.
(Students coming from INITIATE Course to have advantage)
JEE Revision of XI scoring topicsCommencing XII related sessions

Chapter wise Objective Tests (Online/Offline)

4 phase tests during this phase in line with JEE Mains/Advanced

Full XI based JEE Mains/Advanced- 5 full tests

Chapter wise Objective Tests (Online/Offline)

One phase test

Year 2

April- MayAugust- Sept- OctNov- Dec-JanApril- May
Course completion targeting XII syllabusRevision of key XI and XII syllabus along the lines of JEE20 Mock Tests ( 15 JEE mains/ 5 Advanced)Mock tests and review sessions
Additional support for BITSAT, VITEEE etc.,

Chapter wise Objective Tests

3 Phase Tests (Objective)

6 part tests

2 Grand Tests (XI and XII)


Fastrack jee program(xi-xii)

Fastrack JEE Program (XI-XII) is concise in terms of direct contact hours but unlimited through additional resources to ensure best results in JEE Mains and Advanced

Program Objective is:

  • To provide adequate support for students targeting JEE through time bound program
  • Achieve desired results in JEE by optimizing the contact time through use of tools like Learning Videos, Testing Platforms/Apps (Assessment)

Year 1

May- June-JulyAugust- Sept-OctNov, Dec 2017
Covering XI topics based on JEE focusCovering XI topics based on JEE focusRevision of important XI along the lines of JEE

Commencement of XII JEE topics
Chapter wise objective
Chapter wise objective
( Online)
2 phase tests

First half syllabus test XI
2 phase tests

Second half syllabus test XI
5 Mock tests –XI

One phase test XII

Year 2

May- June-July-August-SepOct-Nov-DecMay
Covering XII topics based on JEE focusMock tests and reviews based on past year modesRevision of key topics and mock tests- 15 offline tests
Chapter wise objective
Offline (Centre) and Online based exams- Around 10 offline tests 
3 phase tests XII

2 Full syllabus tests XII

Repeater jee program(xii+)

We Are Equally Serious About Your Goal

Highlights of Repeater Program JEE offered by CareerPlus Learning:

  • Structure coverage of syllabus within 6 months (June-November) followed by Revision in the months of December and January – Weekly Tests and Phase Tests in JEE Advanced/ Mains formats
  • Performance Enhancement Phase (Feb, March and April) with daily Full syllabus JEE Advanced Model tests
  • Extra focus on doubt clarification and practice sessions to ensure that each student would get customized support
  • Access to Cplus’s unique JEE Preparation resources and unlimited Question Banks
  • IITians as faculty teaching all three subjects (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)
  • Most conducive learning environment provided in the form of AC classrooms
  • Special study sessions for Hostelers
  • 6 days a week program

This Program would have comprehensive coverage of the complete JEE syllabus along with adequate measures to enhance the student participation through work sessions and interactive learning based on digital/technology tools.

Commencement of ClassesJune-July period (Exact date announced by respective branches)
 Classes to continue till JEE Advanced
SessionsMonday- Friday (Morning 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM)
Saturday (9:30 AM to 12:30 NOON)
Time TableMonday-Friday
Mathematics (2 hours)
Chemistry (1:30 hour)
Physics (1:30 hour)
+ Work session
Test (9:30 AM to 12:30 NOON)

Scholarships for JEE Repeater Batch Students

Students can avail maximum of any of the following scholarship rates:

    • 50% scholarship on tuition fee for students who get JEE Advanced Rank
    • 25% scholarship on tuition fee for students who clear JEE Mains
    • 20% scholarship for Board percentage of 90% or more (Any Board Exams)
    • 10% scholarship for Board percentage of 80% or more (Any Board Exams)
    • Special concessions for CareerPlus Learning Year Long students

For further details and understanding of the teaching methodology followed in the program, students and parents can interact with faculties directly in respective branches where you are enrolling for the program.


Career Plus Learning JEE Mains and Advanced Crash Program is one of the highly coveted course for students looking for the much needed conceptual/numerical impetus before they go for the exams.

Highlights of our Crash Program:

  • Sessions handled by IITians who would be able to provide right and highly specific inputs to students
  • Customized planning for the students for the brief training period
  • Well researched worksheets/problem sets to make efficient use of student’s time
  • Practice through expected model question papers for Mains and Advanced
  • Emphasis on the cross topic models of questions which is very important for serious JEE aspirants
  • Special interactive sessions with previous year IIT toppers during the program

JEE Mains Schedule

Session- 1MECHANICS – I : Introduction and Measurement, Motion – I Dimension, Motion – II & III Dimension, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and PowerGENERAL CHEMISTRY : Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Acids, Basses, Oxidation – Reduction, Redox ReactionsALGEBRA : Complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations, Progressions, Permutation and Combination, Mathematical Induction, Binomial Inequalities, Sequence and SeriesPart Test-1
Session- 2MECHANICS – II :
Gravitation; Properties of Matter-Viscosity, Surface Tension, Elasticity, Bernoulli’s Theorem, Rotatory Motion
PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY I : Solid State, Behaviour of Gasses, Chemical Equations, Solutions, Liquid StateTRIGONOMETRY : Trigonometric Functions, Ratios and identities, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Equations, Heights and Distances, Properties of Triangle and Solutions of the TrianglePart Test-2
Session- 3HEAT :
Thermometry Calorimetry; Thermal Expansion; Heat and thermodynamics; Conduction, Relation; Kinetic Theory of Gases
PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY II : Volumetric Analysis, Chemical Equilibrium, Iconic Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics.CO-ORDINATE GEOMETRY : The Straight Line, Pair of Straight Lines, Circle, Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola.Part Test-3
Electric Forces, Charges and Fields; Electrostatics; Current Electricity; Electric Conduction of simple circuits; Thermal and Chemical effect of Current Thermoelectricity.
Relation, Function; Matrices – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Solution of Equations; Determinants.
Part Test-4
Session- 5MAGNETISM : Magnetic Properties of Matter; Magnetism; Alternating Current Circuits, Magnetic Effect of Currents, Electro Magnetic FunctionNORGANIC CHEMISTRY I : Metals and Metallurgy, s-block elements, p-block elements.DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS : Functions, Limits, Continuity and differentiability, Differentiation, Applications of Differentiation-increasing and decreasing functions, Rolle’s Theorem, tangents and normals, Maxima and MinimaPart Test-5
Session- 6WAVE MOTION AND OPTICS : Simple Harmonic Waves; Superposition, Interference; Beats, Standing Waves; Doppler’s Effect; Wave Optics; Ray Optics and Optical Instruments; Electromagnetic Waves.NORGANIC CHEMISTRY II : d-block elements, Co-ordination Compounds and Organometalics, Chemical principles involved in the qualitative salt analysis.INTEGRAL CALCULUS : Indefinite Integration, Definite Integration, Application of Definite Integration, Differential equations.Part Test-6
Session- 7MODERN PHYSICS : Atomic Physics-Electrons and Photons, Atoms, Nuclei and Molecules; Electronic Physics-Solids and Semi-conductor Devices, Photoelectric effect, Vacuum Tubes; Nuclear Physics – Radioactivity, Communication Systems.ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I : Purification and Characterisation of organic compounds, General Organic Chemistry, Classification and Nomenclature, Hydrocarbons, Halogen Derivatives,(Chemistry Involved in Prep of Acetanilide, p – nitro Acetanilide, aniline yellow Iodoform) Detection of Elements function groups (-OH, CHO, -COOH )VECTOR AND THREE DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY : Vector Algebra, Scalar and Vector Product, Vector Triple Product, Application to Geometry; Three Dimensional Geometry.Part Test-7
Session- 8EXPERIMENTAL SKILLS IN PHYSICSORGANIC CHEMISTRY II : Compounds Containing O(Phenols, alcohols, acids, aldehydes, ketones, ether etc.) Compounds Containing N & S (Amines, Amides, etc), Active methylene compounds, Conversions, Biochemistry, Polymers, Chemistry in Action.SETS, MATHEMATICAL REASONING STATISTICS AND PROBABILTY: Sets, Mathematical Reasoning Statistics; Probability – Addition and Multiplication, Theorems, Conditional Probability, Bay’s Theorem.Part Test-8
Full Syllabus Mains Tests

JEE Advanced Schedule

Session-1Sets, relations and functionsUnits and MeasurementsBasic concepts of ChemistryJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-2Equalitoes and inequalities, maxima and minima1-D and 2-D Motion, Newtons lawsRedox reactions/ SolutionsJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-3Matrices and determinantsWork Energy theorem, Centre of mass and system of particles, Rotational motionAtomic StructureJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-4Sequences and series, binomial theoremThermal propoeries of matter, kinetic gas theoryPeriodic table/ chemical bondingJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-5Complex numbersThermodynamicss block and hydrogenJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-6Permutations and combnationsProperties of solidsp block (full)JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-7Probability (basic)Properties of fluidsd & f blockJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-8Probability (in geometry and functions)Waves and OscillationsCoordination compoundsJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-9Cartesian coordinte sstem and radial systemWave opticsGOCJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-10StraightlinesRay opticsHydrocarbonsJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-11CirclesGravitation, electro staticsOrganic chemistry- groups (Named reactions)JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-12Conic sectionsElectric potential, capacitorsOrganic chemistry- groups (Advanced level reactions)JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-13VectorsCurrent electricityPolymers/ bio moleculesJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-143 D GeometryMagnetic effects of electric currentEquilibrium- ChemicalJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-15Trignometric functions identitiesEMIEquilibrium- IonicJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-16Inverse trignometric functions and applicationsEM Waves, ACElectro chemistryJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-17Limits, continuity and differentiabilityAtoms and Dual NatureStates of Matter/ Thermodynamics (general)JEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-18Applications of derivates, diffferential equationsNucleiThermo chemistryJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-19Indefinite integrationSemi conductorsSurface chemistry/ chemical kineticsJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-20Definite integration and applicationsAdvanced level numericalsAdvanced level numericalsJEE Advanced Chapter Tests
Session-21JEE Advanced Full Test-1
Session-22JEE Advanced Full Test-2
Session-23JEE Advanced Full Test-3
Session-24JEE Advanced Full Test-4
Session-25JEE Advanced Full Test-5
Sessions Commencing shortly after the 12th Board Examinations.